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Amazon Discount Finder Tool

with a simple bit of tweaking the url on amazon you can bring up all the discounted deals, now this is a bit of a tough task for some people and rather repetitive too, so moneysavingexpert (yeh, that prat thats on gmtv in the morning sometime i think) have put together a "tool" to help you find the discounted items.

With this tool you can view all the items that amazon usually hide deep withing the 100's of pages of results, anywhere from 50% off upto 99% off.

the moneysavingexpert site also has quite a few other tips, bargains, and guides to help you save money, so it's worth checking back every now and again in my opinion.
myff admin

That site is used by a lot of people on

myff admin wrote:
That site is used by a lot of people on

Cool, i've only just started using it (came across it when i was researching about customer service, as i'm still an unpaid volunteer in a charity shop and love dealing with customers lol).

I've been on it nearly everyday for the past week, its updated quite often too.

gonna have to stop by downsizer sometime soon, haven't been there for a while Forum Index -> Off Topic
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