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Allowing ALL to vote

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When I tried allowing permission for ALL to vote in polls, and clicked SUBMIT, the forum automatically reset the option to the default REG option. How can I fix this? I would really like to have anyone who visits the forum to be able to vote, not just those who sre registered members. Thank you!

at a guess it could be a conflict with example you have set it to registered to view and then guests to vote, well they wouldn't be able to vote if they can't view it.
It's a stab in the dark that without further info.

Here's a reminder of the tutorial video for permissions in case it is useful


If I'm on the wrong track a screenshot of how the permissions are before you try to add anyone to vote would help
myff admin

Guests simply can't vote in polls, the system does not work in a way that would allow it.

Here it is. When I tried to put ALL under vote, it goes back to REG when submitted.


myff admin wrote:
Guests simply can't vote in polls, the system does not work in a way that would allow it.

There's you answer in case you missed it.

It makes sense actually as I have seen polls abused by people voting multiple times on the same poll by resetting their browsers etc so as to get a fresh vote.

At least with registered users voting you restrict the opportunities for these distortions.
myff admin

Well whatever the pros and cons, the code only works with registered users and can't be changed without a complete rewrite. Forum Index -> Running your community
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