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myff admin

All but one USA non google advert feeds have been dropped

And the one remaining one has had some settings changed.

This is in response to a series of reports of malware in adverts

Both myself and Tom our advertising guy are pretty sickened by this, and I find it beyond comprehension that supposedly legitimate advert feeds have so little quality control.

I unreservedly apologise to anyone effected by this.

What we are part of here with our new advertising is meant to be part of an effort to help build an "ethical" ad network, our experience is showing both the desperate need for this, as well as the problems involved. As Tom says:


i was warned the US was a vipers nest, but this is a bit silly...

We did not face anything like this with the UK ad feeds.

So we will now ponder where we go from here.

Well, sad to say but a lot of Americans want money the easy way, which is propagating ads without actually checking them for quality.  Sad that it really is that people here are lazy and greedy - but I can't blame you for dropping all but one of them.
myff admin

There's a lot of it about, we tried OpenX marketplace at one point, making an assumption that something that big would be reasonably regulated, but it was shocking

Of course we do have to try different advertising sources, the $30,000 odd in new servers in the last 6 months did not come in a Christmas Cracker  

myff admin wrote:
Of course we do have to try different advertising sources, the $30,000 odd in new servers in the last 6 months did not come in a Christmas Cracker  

*thinks of a reference to an online game...*

Anyway, it's sadly true that the main ad systems in the US are adult based, people want the most money, which is currently the adult industry, so they want to be rich and won't turn down the non-family friendly stuff.
myff admin

I'm hoping that between us and Tom's company we can turn this set back into an opportunity. I can't believe that there is not a large minority of US web publishers who would rather not give their customers better adverts even if it mean less money.

I'm quite pleased that we are in a position where we can take the hit We have managed to get the hardware and managed to get costs under control, so that we can turn down poor advert streams and stay smiling.

The only major problem we have is that it is very hard to verify a stream is clean in advance, and the reports we have had have not really been clear enough to help us identify the source of issues. This is perhaps inevitable as malware does not tend to target those IT literate enough to make a good report, the very IT literate people are not running vulnerable systems!

Since we cannot single out the source of the problem, we have taken the drastic measure of cutting almost all feeds. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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