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Adverts Appearing Although Forum Paid For Ad-Free

The Airfix Tribute Forum -

Keywords: Advert Free

The advert-free service runs out on the 14th December each year. This year, I paid for a year's ad-free service well before it was due for renewal on 13th October but you haven't renewed it. My PayPal receipt is below:
MarsJupiter LTD
+44 1793703224

Instructions to merchant:
This is payment for one year's advert free forum for The Airfix Tribute Forum -



Purchase Details

Description: Advert Free forum for 12 months, Item No.: MYFFADV12
Unit price: 31.06 GBP
Qty: 1
Amount: 31.06 GBP

Subtotal: 31.06 GBP
Tax: 6.21 GBP

Total: 37.27 GBP

Payment: 37.27 GBP
Payment sent to:

Can you remove the adverts as soon as, please?

myff admin

My apologies, removed and extended.

Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you and the MYFF team!

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