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myff admin

advertising changes

No changes in terms of screen real estate taken up by adverts, but we are in the middle of changing the tech, which should mean better adverts both in terms of what you might want to see, and what might actually help pay for the forums.
lets hope for the best!
myff admin

Now apparently live on this. Not noticing much myself, but I'm told it logging as doing "something"  
myff admin

In the UK I think a change is apparent, I think the adverts are better

I'm told they are paying better as well, which is of course important.

The USA is apparently in the pipeline.

I suppose the real good news on the advert front is not whether the adverts are good, or whether they pay, but that for whatever reason we have not had any reported of "problem" adverts for a long while.

We took a very major financial hit by cutting advert sources that were not being properly policed. But we'd rather take any hit than have that kind of crap going on, of course it can't always be avoided, even google supply dodgy adverts at times  Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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