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myff admin

Advert Glitch

A few times we are seeing a block of more than a dozen adverts appearing, it is rareish as far as I can see, and almost amusing when it happens   but that's probably just my sense of humour.

Anyway obviously it has been reported and is being sorted.

oops, you may want to check imogenlockhart123 there was a post from them with this massive advert block on.  I saw it as a new form of spam and deactivated them and deleted their post.  It was their first post and something about trying new adverts and to bear with them.  So it may have been a spammer regardless, but it may not have been.  My internet has been incredibly poor recently (have to wait 72 hours from the latest fob off from Sky to give engineers a chance to correct it - yeh right we'll phone you back in 72 then shall we) so it took an age for me to load the thread up and I went through the process of getting rid of the spammer after seeing the massive adblock.
myff admin


I have reactivate the account in question.

If they are reading this sorry but accidents do happen.

I'm asuming the problem I reported in the "report problem adverts" thread is the same thing.

myff admin

That's the one.

It should have stopped, albeit by removing the feed and not by sorting the problem as yet. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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