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Admin who it may concern about http://betdnpicks.myfanforum

My forum

was brought into question here by a internet thug who posts on a bunch of horse racing forums. This person juice junkies is a trouble make all over the internet and has a vendetta out for me personally and that's why he attempted to get my forum shut down for no reason at all. This man is being sued for things he has posted on other harness racing trash forums and has been banned from many sites. He was never a member of my forum but has tried to register many times using phony e-mails and names.

For a living I legally sell information product to harness racing bettors at my website

I don't not have a forum there so I opened one up at so my members can discuss the races. I also LEGALLY am apart of a group of people (members at my forum)  who have pooled funds so we call all make wagers on the races. At my forum we discuss our bets and strategy. We are doing nothing to violate any Terms and Conditions of like this person juice junkies is trying to tell you. The trouble maker is upset that he was not wanted in group and also upset that the group is a private forum so he tried to get us shut down. Beware of this person he has contacted you in the past about forums because he was not allowed to join.  

Now I'm going to make a complaint of my own in another topic about a forum you do need to look into for copyright violations.

 Thank you, and I hope the topic clears up questions about my forum

This refers to the complaint made here:

As you saw no breach of T&C was found and the topic was locked. We are always fair in every single case that is referred to us, we have no bias. We don't 'hunt' forums to try and shut them down on a technicality, nor do we allow rogue forums to spoil things for the whole.

It is natural for you to want to defend yourself so this thread is unsurprising as the other is locked, but no case was found to answer for. As that is the case I'm going to lock this thread also, as we do not care in the slightest about any personal disputes between other forum members or admins, this forum is not the place to seek some form of judgement for issues like that, so locking this thread is to prevent it from degenerating into an abuse thread. Your other case will be looked at in the same way we look at anything put before us, with no bias, just looking at the facts of the case presented to us. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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