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Admin Email Sent To Non-Admin Members

The Airfix Tribute Forum -

Keywords: Activation Emails

Today, some regular members of my forum, The Airfix Tribute Forum, have been reporting that they have received copies of the emails that are sent to Admins when new accounts or deactivated accounts need activating/reactivating:

The account owned by "xxxx" has been deactivated or newly created, you
should check the details of this user (if required) and handle it

Use this link to view the user's profile:


Use this link to activate the account:


Note that I have removed the number of the member to avoid identification.

Normally, only Admins get these and we are puzzled why our regular members and Moderators have been receiving them today. For what it is worth, if they clicked on any of the links, the recipients would have been asked to logon and their lack of Admin privileges would have prevented it from executing anyway. As we have only had one new registrant today, this incident is the only one and was timed at 13:36 today. However, there could be more in the coming days.

The situation is not right and I am hoping you can investigate and correct this problem.

Kind regards

myff admin

very odd, never ever heard of that in over 10 years of the system.

I'd double check who is set to admin.

I agree it is a really strange situation and not one I have come across in the time that the forum has been in existence (it was set up in April 2006).

In addition to Admins "Admin" and "editor" we have five Admins excluding myself. One of them was made an Admin in 2007 I think, three of them were made Admins about eight years ago and the other one was created a couple of years after that.

I have double checked the permissions of all the people reporting receipt of the emails and cannot see anything different. They have never been members of any groups with Admin privileges and they have never been Moderators!

Dave (scratching his head in bewilderment)

Further to my last post, I have SOLVED the problem!

Although I created the ATF, I handed over ownership of the forum to another Admin in 2007.  Since then I have continued to do all of the Admin work but without my knowledge the forum owner added the Usergroup to the list of Groups with Administrator permissions!

I am sorry to have involved you before I had fully investigated the problem but I hadn't been able to find a common theme with the members who received the Admin emails until tonight when I traced them to that Usergroup.

Kind regards

myff admin

thanks for that, I am very glad you have solved it, I put this down in part to the excessively complex phpbb3 permissions system, Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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