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Pinto Paso

admin email - contact administrator link

I have search (and read) admin email topics..
I want to change the email address for the admin..
I have gone in to the admin profile and changed it there
I have gone under the general tab to general configuration - admin email address and changed it there
I have gone to the forum owner control panel and changed the address there

Still when the contact administrator link on my forum is selected it still shows the old admin email address..

Is there an area that I have missed changing the email address?
Thank you
myff admin

that really is all the places I can think of  
Pinto Paso

I also checked my template but couldnt see where I had put in coding for links... it has been so long since I made it that I cant remember.
if it is in that what area would I use to edit that?

Thanks again Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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