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Address to serve legal papers for United States based forum

Regarding the above link. I am requesting a physical address for my attorney to mail documents. I do not understand your comments on the last post. You are not a judge or a court of law in ANY nation. You are no legal authority. The fact that the thread was removed means my complaints carried weight. An apology is in order from the owner of the THN forum. But obviously not forthcoming. Therefore I must have my attorney involved.

Additionally that website has allowed humiliation of other people as well. The owner of THN went through and redacted names in individual posts. However the posts still remain and it takes nothing to figure who they are about.

If it is your intention to prevent me from serving you these papers for the people who have humiliated me on the THN forum, then I will conclude you condone this type of behavior and include you in the filing as well.

My attorney will want the name and the address of the owner of the THN forum.

Thank You

Wayne Wickline
myff admin

If we receive legal papers concerning a forum, we oblige that forum over to turn over there address is the legal body concerned.
I am locking this now and will ban your account.
If you are intent on taking a matter to law it has no place on a forum. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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