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adding smilie trouble

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when i go to add 1 or 2 smilies  and i fill in the details and click add it is showing files is missing, I;ve not added a new smilie to the forum since we had the software upgrade and was wondering if all the smilies have been aded to the database. I;ve tried 4 different smilies from the packs and get the same issue with them all
myff admin

This is or rather was a regression in the upgrade. A classic example of where efforts to improve phpBB3 a little have run into trouble

ok thanks

Go to Administrator Panel, and chose the "Posting" tab, the forth option down in the list is "Smilies", in there chose "Install smilie package" and chose the one you want but also tick the " Replace matches " radio button because some packages have corrupt images or two versions of the same smilie so that will delete those. If you pick "Smilies/smiles.pak" from the "Select a package file" dropdown list that will give you all the smilies that you can see on here when you post a message so basically all these


And as for the rest of the packages just play around and see what you like  Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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