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Michael Crane

Adding more smileys

After trawling through many pages containing 'adding more smileys' I have failed to discover where new paks can be found. I did read in Admin Panel but I can't see where they are.
myff admin

In the smiley interface in the admin panel, there is a drop down of available paks.
Michael Crane


Thank you.

Smilies,smileys, emoticons

Searched all the above terms
There appears to be just over 20 smiley packs available. None of them suite our steam engine forum, which also has an Australian/Kiwi bias. How do I get a set more appropriate for our use? A basic guide would be useful

Thanks in anticipation
myff admin

There are probably no paks that are tailored to your exact wants, though you can search the web, if you find a few individual smileys we will as a rule upload them. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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