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Add-ons to profile page

Wondering if there's a way to add a users Xbox Live Gamercard to their profile.
Would be nice if it updated automatically.

Here's an example of mine and the code used for it.

<a href="">
<img src="" border=0>

Is there a way to put this in a profile field and have it show an image instead of a code?
Last few times I've done this it only shows the code.

Thanks for the time guys.

EDIT: Ok, I got MINE to show, but is there a way to make other people card show up? Right now I have


In the "Display as Image" box on Profile Fields, that obviously won't work for others....
myff admin


is what you need where FIELDNAME is the name of the field and in your case is set to "AndyMN"

Cool, got it. Thanks, read your instructions wrong at first. Thanks for the help, very gracious. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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