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Afternoon and all.

I've had a good skim through the forum (before signing up) and I can't find the answer. I currently have a forum (free) with you guys. However, I want to upgrade it to an ad-free forum for 12 months ( Problem is... when I "BUY" it doesn't add anything to the basket so I can't proceed to checkout. Have tried several times but nothing.


(regards, Mike).
myff admin

There seems to be problem with the shop.
The payment can be made manually to paypal[at]

Ahh, thank god. Thought I was doing something wrong!

Thanks oh-superior-admin-one.
myff admin

shop fixed.

Very kind (although I've paid it manually). Final question (theoretically)... are the ads removed within 24 hours or so? Just a bit excited that's all. Forum's been alive for a week or so and I'm loving it!
myff admin

It is a manual process done as soon as the email is seen, in fact I can see it....

oh, you ARE good! If you're ever in Wales, there's a free pint of beer/lager/cider/ale with your name on.
myff admin

You better be careful, we are heading Aberw way next month  Wink

*prepares for alcoholic invasion*

Ok, ads disappeared (minutes ago) so thank you very much for such quick help. Forum Index -> ECommerce support
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