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Ad exchange

I am offering ad space on my forums link page ( when its set up ). The page will be along the same lines as the ones seen Here.

Each space is suitable for an 88 x 31 micro / affiliate banner.

All I require in return is a link back to my forum.

If you are interested in this offer, please use This Form to contact me, and i shall get back to you asap.


Our links page is now live and can be viewed Here. If anyone else is interested please follow the instructions above.

I wanted to exchange links with viralverbal, but it seems the forum has gotten a bit spammed up and isn't all too active.

If you change that let me know and I'll link there as well.

And note: If I get no reply or linkback soon then I will be removing the link to your forum - I have already submitted the e-mail for it. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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