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Account Activation


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I hope that this in the correct thread, I apologize if is not. I can remove it, and post where appropriate if pointed in the right direction.

A user (Puppy) at our forum (theevicted) tried to register an account here at the support forum. The account activation email wasn't received. So, the account can't be activated. Reregistration isn't allowed. Since one has to be signed in before a question can be asked, we're kind of stuck. Can another account activation email be sent?   (I'm not supposed to post personal information, I'm not sure whether or not the email address in question counts?)

Thank again for your patience.

Quoted from the FAQ

If a user has failed to recieve an email for account activation

Go to :-
The Administration Panel, then

"User Admin/Management",

Enter the user name

You will now be able to modify the users profile, at the bottom there are special admin only fields including:

"User Is Active".

This field should be set to Yes, and then you should "Submit" the changes with the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

I am sorry if I was not clear. It is not an account activation problem with our site, it is a problem with this one.

None of us lowly individuals ( ) has access to the Admin panel for this forum, so I am asking that another email be sent.

Thank you!

My apologies, I'd misread it (at 5:58am   )

I'm sure admin can fix it when he gets on, in the meantime, the email would have been sent and quite often these things go into the 'junk' part of your email automatically, so it is always worth trying there as a first resort.

Ha! Easy to do I suspect with the amount of these requests you guys have to sift through!

Yeah, we checked junk folder and overall security settings. It should have gotten through, but it's nowhere to be found. Can't reregister the account, can't activate the account without the email, and can't login to request an email because the account isn't active. *And around and around we go*

When the admin gets in, and has a spare moment to try to retify this, we'd be very appreciative. Have a good day! Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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