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Absent Admin


Is there anything that can be done if the Admin of our forum is absent and noncommunicative?  Seems like he started the forum and then just left.  His last post was in April of 2010.

Is it  possible for one of the members to become the Admin of the forum, or doe we need to start a new one?  What would be the procedure for a member to go about taking over the forum?

Please do not shut the forum down...if I cannot take over as Admin we will want to make another effort to contact the Admin first.  There are no moderators, only the absent Admin.

Thanks you for your help.
myff admin

You can start a thread there cross linking to here stating the case for someone to take over ownership.

We can then attempt our own contact with the owner.

If after a period of time you have support and we have not been refused by the owner, we will change ownership.

So sorry, but I am confused.  When you say cross-link a thread to here, do you mean post a URL so that they can click on it to come here, or do you mean something else?

Alink here to the thread you start.
The thread you start links to this thread

Meaning... start a thread on your forum about having a user take over admin - it helps when people decide on an admin and users agree.  That thread should link to this one, and post a link on this thread to the thread on your forum.  This makes it so that we can all see what is going on.

We can then attempt to contact the admin, and with no response or an agreement and support from enough members we may be able to give you or the selected user admin.

Requesting Admin status on The Big Ideas forum

hannah6 started this thread, but after talking we think I would be the better choice as Admin. So I have posted a thread on our forum proposing this to the members and asking for heir feedback. Here is a link to that thread:

I will post a link to this thread in our forum so the members can see what is going on.

Please let me know if you need anything else.  I look forward to hearing from you about this.

myff admin

All that is needed is a week or so to let us try and contact the old owner and for us to see support for the new admin.
myff admin

Plainly this request is a rogue one and the matter is now closed. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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