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myff admin

[ABD] phpbb2: twitter feed

You can now selectively send topics to twitter accounts via the TWITTERFEED portal.
myff admin

Example here:

Nice! Very useful. Great job.


Excellent! I must try this out.
myff admin

Looks like twitter may be changing things in a way that may stop this working We will see.

Still working here !! And btw great add for us !! Thanks !!

Just a question...

I know it post on twitter when a new thread is created but would it be possible to have it on each post that are posted like a quote with which member who posted it ??

I know im asking much but I just wana know if it would be a big deal to try.
myff admin

Ask again at the end of October. As it is pointless making changes if the system is about to go boom.

Yep you was right... twitter stopped working 4 days ago

Is this still dead in the water? I'd like to get it working...
myff admin

Dead as a DoDo really needs removing.

Remember... this is not a MYFF problem, this is a TWITTER problem.

Rather than remove this, I'm gonna lock it and retitle it to show people we tried and were quite willing to keep this going until twitter changed things that didn't need changing and thus blew up this really solid addition to myff's feature list.

I hope at some stage, they alter something that can make this become useful and usable again in the future, but for now it is gone

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