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Abandoned by our admin


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Basically our admin has started a new forum because people complained about the ads on myfreeforum. The forum is still active and people still post, but PMs have been disabled. We asked the admin before she left and she said that she didn't disable them, that's just something that happens when the forums are "shut down"

So I have 2 questions: Is it true that PMs are automatically disabled?
And also, would it be possible for a new owner to be selected since the owner has abandoned this one?

Pms are not automatically disabled, that must be done by hand. As for the admin leaving...

The admin can give access to another account and give the same user the control panel password (not the forum admin password), and the new user could take over the forum.

If the admin is not able to be contacted or refuses to transfer ownership but still does not tend to the forum then the ownership can only be changed by the MFF Admin - if he decides it to be necessary. To pick who should be the new admin, please create a thread in which users can say who they want to be the new admin or to agree that said user should be admin. Please link to this thread here and leave it open until further notice.

No guarantees that ownership can be changed - but this is the relative standard for petitioning for new forum ownership.

(As for the ads on MFF, a purchase can be made to make the forum ad-free for 36.50 a year at the Site Shop)

Thank you very much for the info!

We have asked the admin about it a few times, and she pretty much refused to let someone else take over even though she has completely stopped tending to the forum.

A lot of the active members talked about the possibility of someone else taking over ownership in this thread:

We nominated possible new owners in this thread:

And we started a poll in this thread:

Lots of members nominated Nimbo, and she and I received the same amount of votes in the poll. We agreed that she would take over ownership if the MYFF Admin chooses to transfer it.
myff admin

If the owner is actively refusing, then they have not abandoned the forum it may be awfully unfair, but it is not a democracy unfortunately. Forum Index -> Running your community
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