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myff admin

A year in clink for DOS attack

We may all have mixed feelings about the target here, but it is a reflection of how heavy sentencing can be these days.

Like all hosts we deal with a certain level of this type of stuff and the people who do it hide behind that fact that it takes a certain amount of effort to identify and bring a case against them

But the consequences are getting higher, and I think that is a good thing

At the same time though... things like this can be a bad thing, to an extent.  I mean a lot of people probably downloaded the program without really knowing what it did - or that it was illegal.

Granted, whoever did it was stupid in the first place, but it's stupidity mixed with ignorance.
myff admin

The report suggests this guy new he was going to be attacking the site, so there is malicious vandalistic intent involved.

If they went somewhere and broke windows no one would see it as anything else!

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
If they went somewhere and broke windows no one would see it as anything else!

Isn't Windows already broke?

but yeh, i agree it should result in heavy sentancing if the attempt is to cause damage.

but in some cases of hacking/etc.. (not so much dos attacks though) the attempts are purely to expose loopholes (white-hat hackers), in which case I don't think there should be punishment. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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