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myff admin

A principle to abandon or not?

This probably won't arise regardless, as I have no intention of deliberate vandalism, but one principle we have struck to is that we keep our phpbb2 forum databases compatible with standard phpbb2. That they if someone wants off the system they can get an export and face no unusual difficulty.

The last week or so has seen (or will see when released) some quite significant changes and bug fixes to phpbb2 as we delve into bugs that must be present on hundreds of thousands of phpbb2 forums around the world   They were never addressed by the phpbb2 team and are in areas where I have been previously reluctant to tread, reasoning that if the core team failed to fully sort the issues in 8(?) years, then I had no business being arrogant enough to dive in.

Having started though, it has been easier than I thought, and that raises the question as to what other areas in phpbb2 might be worth doing better and what to do if that means abandoning compatibility  

I guess it depends entirely on the amount you make on exports against the gain through better features. If it were me I'd love to see more features, but then the option to export to my own hosting/server is always a plus. I think if you were to do this your best option would be to change from being a "phpbb2 host" to touting it as your own software BASED upon phpbb2. This way people won't go apeshit when they suddenly realise this isn't actually the "proper" phpbb2. I obviously don't know the situation regarding exports and how many you get, but from a "I guess it can't be more than a few a month" point I think it's well worth overhauling a lot of the problems.

edit: I probably shouldn't have used the word "touting" in the entirely wrong context. Assume I said "portraying" or something similar.
myff admin

As I say I doubt it will arise anyway, though in one sense it already has, as current exports of large forums will have to rebuild their search indexes (there is a hack for this) as we are now using full text searches.

To arise there would need to be a change that was distinctly incompatible on the database front, rather than just an addition. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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