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A few questions..

Alright, well, I'm (strongly considering) on creating a friendly gaming clan, I figured I would try to get a website/forums together before I committed to something to confusing.   I chose to use MFF by recommendation of a friend, looking into it, it seemed simple enough, and went for it.  Since I know practically nothing of websites, generally I have a few questions. I HAVE searched thoroughly through the howtodoit and didn't find quite what I was looking for.

I pretty much understand the user/groups management.  I was wondering more on how to edit the actual site, My first question was "How can I change the Menu Bar in the forums?" I wanted to know if I could rename some of the options, and remove some others. the "menu bar" is the Thing under the template that has: FAQ - Search - Member list - etc. (Just making sure you knew what I meant :P )

My next question, I've changed the name of the "clan" since I made the original url. Is that url changeable? Also, once I purchase a domain (with the new name of course) how difficult is it to transfer my forum over?  Will it be easier if I purchase with MFF? I noticed Godaddy has it for about 5 dollars cheaper. If its significantly easier, than I would be glad to go with MFF 5 more a year isn't much.

Another big thing I've been wondering.. I feel bad asking as it will probably be a long answer, But for the Homepage? And the "website" part of the forums... I'm totally lost, anything to get me started off in the right direction? Links? Tutorials? Advice? Anything would be excellent.

Finally, I was wondering about the adds, in the shop you can purchase add free for 6 or 12 Months, Once I transfer to a domain, will this remain the same system for "add free?"  I was just wondering for keeping track this financially.  

Thank you for you time,
myff admin

In future and in response to anything now answered here, can you follow point 3 of the posting check list.


Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers.

If you buy a domain through godaddy rather that us, then you will have to configure nameservers yourself. See the "own domain" guides. This is not hard for most people.

For a name change, read the faq:

For the menu bar you have to edit overall_header.tpl and have a little html knowledge.

Oh, I'm sorry I must of passed over that section  

I'll check that link out.

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