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myff admin

7th anniversary of myfreeforum

It has been another frenetic year.

Reading last years message the intertwined entity of two companies that we can become, has gone from 6 development staff to 9 with another 2 starting Friday  

The number of servers has practically doubled. I have somewhat stopped bothering to even mention new servers going in.

On the server side though we are nearing another major transition to start making major use of a SAN (Storage Area Network) This promises greater speed and resilience as well as freeing current disk space for so called "BIG DATA" which is all the buzz these days.

Notably as I write I am dealing with an issue with data that is still in mysql which has been compiled and uses queries with no proper attention given to the likely table size and the issues it would cause

It's an ideal candidate for a non mysql approach, and we have developed some interesting technology for this.

To quite a degree all this new stuff going on has effected just how much forums development can happen.

Though I'm pleased today to announce the new thanks system for phpbb2, and there have been a few other little incremental improvements over the last year.

In some ways I think the slower pace is actually a good thing. A forum has always been about posts and members and once the tech reaches a certain level, additions can over complicate things and slow things down.

Speaking of over complicated we move onto phpbb3, where in the last year we have had two releases to deal with in the last year, the first one of which caused major problems with template incompatibility  

I believe both 3.011 and 3.012 of phpbb3 are currently in the works along with a 3.1 version. It is for this reason we don't alter phpbb3 more than we absolutely have to.

So what does the next year hold? Frankly I don't know, on a lot of levels things staying fast stable and with what I consider to be a pretty impressive "uptime" would be good enough.

As ever I'd like to thank the myff moderators for their assistance in keeping the support forum the most responsive and helpful free support system I know of

My congratulations to everyone at MFF. Those 7 years have flown by so fast

Thanks to the MyFF staff and the moderators of the support forum, your work is very much appreciated. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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