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6am..admin OMG !!

How many hours a day admin MYFF is on the site per day ?? lol

Everytime I log in admin is online or has been in the last 20 mins !!

I'm starting to think there is 4 guys that log as admin and thats their part time job lol  

Pops in an out all day, amazing he has any other life besides what he does here.  A lot of work put in and a lot accomplished.

Yeah I agree !! All of MYFF is great !! So much support and everything !!

I was just making a joke with the fact that hes always around to help us !!

When he just could let his mods do the job !! lol

But then again he must know how lazy some can be !! lol (kidding) lol

No realy you guys put so much hard work in there to help people and many are just lazy or dumb enough to post Ignoring this...



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Wait I might have done it once .... not sure lol

I have to admit that I have never in my life seen a free service that has had as much support as this site has... Heck most of the services I pay for have worse support.

I also have to agree with danm97 to say: Admin, go to sleep! Damn.

We love the service you guys give, everything here is awesome.

Add another to the fan list for MFF.  Still is a rather small site, but I think I like it this way.  Very helpful Admin, very well made forum system.... I really can't complain about anything here - except a few users..... but that's a different story.


I remember the days Admin did it all on his own,, no mods on here, every question he had to answer on his own, as well as all the tweaks guides etc.

It has come a long way since then.
myff admin

We are a very long way from one small rented server and a forum creation system that was written with solid foundations, but really was just enough to test the waters with  

But we would not have got here without the site Mods, written guides, video guides and an awful lot of support is not down to me alone  

Yeah all true but then again ....

You are still online !!! lol Forum Index -> Off Topic
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