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Please ask questions in real English and not "txt". You will get a better response.
Please do not ask support questions via PMs.
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6 questions to staff

#1: If ever when will Private Messaging become possible for me?

#2: When will the Moderation Queue for me be taken off?

#3: What happened to my signature?

#4: If my signature is gone when and how if possible can I get my signature back please?

#5: How are you all doing today?

#6: For MyFF_Admin how did you come up with your avatar?
myff admin

We are a support forum for forums, not frankly for needy individuals who seem to just want people to talk to them.
That may be harsh but that it how it is.
Do not interact with the support forum for anything other than actual forum support.
Posting in off-topic  is only for people who understand the nature of the forum.

any more posts that are not strictly for support from you and you will simply be banned. We cannot spare the time for this. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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