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5 posts on both

Make 5 posts:
Ill make 5 posts on your forum

Done, my name was Lavathing9.

My forum:

Thanks alot.

Ill make the posts now.

I signed up as spongebeb.

I wouldn't mind doing that with both of you. I don't necessarily know anything about Dr. Who, but I'll post some stuff in the off-topic section that might be fun for future members.

And lava and I have something in common; anime/manga lovers:

I don't know if you're interested in doing a link exchange with me too, lava, but if you are I would love to have a semi-related link on my affiliates bar.

Well, I've posted on Beb's forum, so the new post count should help a little. I think I'll put your site in my favorites and stick around for a little while until some real hardcore fans start turning up and generate the conversation better than I can.

Hi, been busy recently.

First of all I havent forgotten our link exchange I will do it soon!

Also thanks for joining lyssa, do you want me to post on yours a bit?

That would be wonderful! I've already put up your link, but you can drop by and see if there are any threads you would like to post in. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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