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myff admin

4Tb NAS on order

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

The 4Tb will be configured to use RAID and so will be 2/3Tb in practice.

There are a few potential purposes to this device, some of which will clearly work, some of which I'm pessimistic about. However the bottom line is that it a whole lot of storage in a low power 1U rack configuration meaning it can slot into the infrastructure replacing more expensive and less suited hardware if need be.
myff admin

Delivery date is the 8th for this.

I'm getting a little more optimistic on how well it will work.

But as I have intimated elsewhere, if all it manages to do is to remove the 2mb restriction on gallery uploads and act as a cheaper, better backup solutions then it will justify itself.
myff admin

Have just rigged up a GUI environment that can be securely remote viewed on a server at the datacenter. This can then be used to view the SANs setup, which rather beats having to pay for another port to be pointlessly visible to the outside world.
myff admin

Drifted to the 11th for delivery

It has struck me that one of problems of getting a 2tb device that you hope not use for backups is that you are then faced with backing it up   Basically the price of success with this device is going to be having to buy another.
myff admin

This is getting annoying it moved to the 16th and now the 19th

I suppose the only consolation is at this rate I may be depositing it and the old slarti server at the datacenter at the same time.

But really it all goes to keep things locked in the "infrastructure" cycle we have been in since October, and the problem with it is that until all the new kit is in place a lot of the work is more a sliding block puzzle than the chance to add new things.

e.g. we started in October with 4 physical servers running things, and here we are now with 3 physical servers running the show Okay that's actually unfair since the servers are bigger, better and virtualised, but it is still illustrative.
myff admin

Still not showing as shipped

What with UPS being a pain as well, I'm not happy on the hardware score.
myff admin

Date now slipped to the 26th But how can I put any faith in a system that tells me the 19th until it was updated today  
myff admin

And now the 1st At least that specific shift has ring of an actual real event.
myff admin

The NAS which is still showing delivery Monday has just turned up
myff admin

I'm aiming to get this configured today and installed tomorrow, may not happen, but all of a sudden things are accelerating apace with the ad serving hosting stuff mentioned elsewhere.

On a lot of levels this is a real main chance at some "synergy" as both the ad serving company and ourselves have heavy hardware needs, and also a considerable desire for hardware redundancy, we may be using top notch kit, but hardware and software can still fail and the more kit we have, the more able we will be to deal with that contingency however unlikely it is.

Long term users of this forum will know just how much attention I pay to backups already and this is a chance to be even better.
myff admin

Thinking more clearly, we also need to use delivery the NAS as the time when the new RAID card gets installed on the gallery server and that means a special gallery backup needs doing.
So urgent as getting the NAS installed is, it will wait till Friday.

Meanwhile the NAS is gong pretty well, it has been:

1) Configured as iSCSI storage.
2) The secondary IF port on a xenserver has been reconfigured. A procedure that needed working out for the live servers.
3) That port is talking to the iSCSI storage and a xen volume created.
4) A virtual server is being created on that volume.
myff admin

And a step back, we don't want one of the main default settings, so it's back to the start  

Good to find these things out now!

but it's so much fun setting the server to go live, and then notice these things and have to start over!  
myff admin

It going to take another hour to reformat and then I think I am going to know for sure it has played a trick on me, and I'm going to have to do it yet again.

It's all good though Play around here till I get a feel for it.
myff admin

Looks like Monday now for installation.

I'm also going to put a 1gb switch on order. We will then get all the servers and the switch into a single rack.
myff admin

The reason the delay in installation is that there is still more to be learned in how this will work on site. You get silly things like a vital button not showing in the web interface which is not the sort of thing you want to run into "live".
myff admin

That was interesting

I quite deliberately rebooted the NAS whilst a virtual server was running, the server quite obviously stopped, but here's the thing it resumed as if nothing had happened. I'm doing it again now.....

and it has done it again, a minute or twos dead time and back to file That is very impressive.
myff admin

Turned off overnight, which showed another aspect of things, the server does actually remain running, but it locked by the lack of file system. Turning on in the morning and it does recover.

All fairly academic. Next step is to be harsher, the NAS will go off and the pretend server will also suffer a power outage.
myff admin

The NAS is now installed and accessible.

But it needs to be more accessible, and that will need some tricky network configuration. This was one of the reasons for delaying install of the NAS so that the network procedure could be tested!

The main NAS ISCSI service is going to be connected to 3 1gb ports on the main server, it only has 2 ports itself, so we will have 2gbs of bandwidth to the device. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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