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413 - Request Entity Too Large

Our users are getting error "413 - Request Entity Too Large" even though the images they are trying to load are within the parameters set for attachments.
Any idea why this would be?
myff admin

First time I have heard of this, I'd suspect maybe they are using a proxy/vpn or maybe the images are really too large.

I need to hear more detail to have any clue on this.

Very small images are loading fine but as soon as you get to around 1000 pixels we're getting the 413 error.
Here is a screenshot of the forum settings ...

myff admin

that has maximum file size set at 3 bytes...

Hi. That screenshot was misleading.
While experimenting with the settings I took the screenshot with it set to 3 bytes (in error) - as you spotted.
The 413 issue still happens even with them set to 3 MiB.

I've set them back to 3 MiB as per revised screenshot and we are still having the 413 error ...

myff admin

All I can think of is try clearing admin caches and or making sure the setting are sensible and giving it 24 hours.
no other forum is reporting these issue so it must be something that has been done settings wise.

OK, I'll give it a try.
It's weird ... as attachments have been working fine and I haven't altered the settings in over a year.
It's only with the 413 issue that I've been trying a few things to isolate the issue.

Cache purge hasn't helped.

We can still upload small images, but anything around 1024 pixels or higher won't load.

I'm now getting this error message ...

This site canít be reached
The connection was reset.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
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