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#1: How long can be available for?

#2: Why does it state on
In the mean time please do not bookmark or publish the temporary link.

#3: After the 48 hour period from when
barely existed
is it okay to link to
on blogs, in signatures etc.?

Thank you all in advanced - Jason
myff admin

hotblack3 is a temporary link for you to check a phpbb3 forum is working that is all.
You don't give it out, and you don't use it once you have formalised an upgrade.

How come I should not give out the link
(would it harm [clog up for example] the servers of myfreeforum, hotblack3 etc. or no)?
myff admin

Why would anyone give out a temporary link that is there only to help admins see a phpbb3 forum before they finalise an upgrade? Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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