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myff admin

28th October released this week?

Well that's the target.

Basic collaberative notes is almost finished, and at that point all I really want to do is to ensure that things don't fall over in a heap on internet explorer 7.

Of course there are millions of things left to do in terms of building the system, but that can happen over time.

I did show the site off to a couple of web designers last night and it did give a bit of a WoW factor I think
myff admin

Just spend several minutes on a bug in saving notes

It was one I have done a few time recently with all the switching between php and JavaScript. The concatinate operator is "+" in javascript and "." in php, and since "+" is a valid operator in php things fail silently if you get mixed up

I find unix/linux scripting even worse for this, each damn shell is different in many major and minor ways and I can never remember which syntax goes with which shell

Anyhow with that bug fixed, we are almost functionally ready for the alpha.

I need to break up the javascript into a more maintainable format, test in internet explorer and last but not least reintroduce automatic polling for new messages in chat boxes. With the new xajax framework I am hoping fatal memory leaks no longer occur when I do this. I need to tweak it a little anyway as the current implementation is a little crass.
myff admin

JUst realised a general "intro" window is probably essential even for the alpha release. Something with news and the T&C.
myff admin

Well we now have a decent intro window with a start on the rules and what is more to the point a bit of re-integration" with Jooma which will add some flexibility

So tomorrow will be the internet explorer fun day and then hopefully a release.
myff admin

Not a great start to the day Internet explorer 7 is falling over horribly with the code.

It is really nasty compared to firefox when it comes to debugging, let alone the fact that the the code is working reasonably well even in Konquerer.
myff admin

Not totally our of the woods yet, but it seems the issue is that a simple javascript call appendChild and wreak havoc.

newdiv = document.createElement("div");

which is a fairly simply idea, create a DIV and add it to the document body simply fries the retarded braincells of ie7.


var box = document.getElementById('content_inner');

newdiv = document.createElement("div");

Gving the DIV somewhere specific to go works, and at this point a large chunk of the windows framework seems to be working.
myff admin

The switch to Ubuntu as the development machine has really slowed things down

But for all that it has revealed the odd bug that would have arisen when the code was resited, and another small little bug has been dealt with.

Not quite sure where that leaves things release wise as getting the development environment working smoothly is competing with doing the actual work
myff admin

Okay we are picking up momentum again Some account creation password issues have been fixed, and a module now replaces what was a Joomla menu in the top right. The module can be cleverer about if people are logged in on out and work appropriately. This also helps keep people away from ducking into Joomla itself.

we may be down to simply some more regression testing in ie.
myff admin

Found a big internet explorer issue Fortunately whilst a lot of code needs rewriting it is not hard.

I think Microsloth are morons though
myff admin

Just fixed another chronic regression, the fix is really quite wacky and for that matter so was the bug, creating a new "transient" window with the internet explorer fix blew some event handlers up, changing the parent of the transient window fixed it

There is a reason I guess why this sort of windows style display has yet to become common!
myff admin

ho hum,

chat boxes are now working on bother ie and firefox, albeit with a bit of an appearance issue.

All the same I think I will move on to dealing with polling which is still the one outstanding bit that needs finishing off.

At which point I may release warts and all.
myff admin

Polling is now working.

So I now have an active chat on two PCs between internet explorer and firefox.

I cannot say there is no memory leakage, but it is looking as if things are ok on that score.

So maybe we are up for a release tomorrow Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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