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2011 Artist of the Year

As regulars at MFF know, we have volunteers available to make artwork for your forum for you, completely for free.  People get artwork for their forum, and artists get chance to practice as well as contribute to the community.  Throughout the year I keep track of who does what just for fun.

This years MFF Artist of the Year is GentleD, with a special mention going to lsg2007.  Many thanks to anyone who asked for artwork and also to everyone who helped out.

I made a signature from scratch that GentleD can use if she wants (I wanted to practice doing scrolls haha), I just made it purely for my own enjoyment so it's not a requirement or anything, or GentleD may want to make herself.  Well done Kat  

myff admin

That's lovely work

Wow, thank you! This is definitely a wonderful surprise. Nice job on the ribbon. Haven't tried that in Photoshop yet.


They're quite easy to do once you get the hang of them.  Basically pen tool using shapes, a grid to work to and 'snap to' on.

The sheen effect of the ribbon is just adding a gradient overlay set to linear light at about 40% opacity or so, and I just drag the black and grey colours about until it's how I like it.  I may do a mini tutorial on them at some point as I could never find a tut for photoshop for this type of thing so had to figure it out myself.

edit: I made a scroll tutorial here

Awesome! I was going to ask if you used a tutorial. lol Thanks for writing one. I can't wait til I get enough time to play with this a little.

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