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bionic leah

1 member unable to login? please help!

Hi, Im having a problem on my forum :

One of my members, who logs in everyday with no problems, suddenly cant get in, she changed her password but still cant login.
I tried changing her password on the admin panel but she cant login on that password either, i tried for her too and i cant get in on it?

She has tried re-registering with another email address etc but cant get in on that either? I havent changed any settings or anyhitng so it cant be anything ive done.

She has said that she uses a mac pc and wondered if that made any difference!? I really dont know, im not pc minded so have no idea,

Any help greatfully recieved, have tried searching everywhere for the answer but as of yet have found nothing

Thanks in advance.

myff admin

Clearing browser cookies works for 90% of login issues.

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
Clearing browser cookies works for 90% of login issues.

thats true I've had issues with this before and now every time i logout of my forums

i Always clear my browser cookies and i have never had that problem  since Forum Index -> Running your community
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