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We migrated from phpBB2 to phpBB3 on January 1st 2013. For a while our new phpBB3 URL contained .wonko3 in it but eventually we could access the new forum without needing this extra bit in the URL. Despite months of the forum links working fine, we are now having problems. People are clicking on links in notification emails and being taken off to the .wonko3 forum instead of the "proper" one. Whether this is because users are logging onto the .wonko3 addressed forum initially and posting there I do not know. Users have been told not to use the .wonko3 address.

It is causing havoc and time-consuming work for the Admins as we go looking for problems with permissions and other forum settings that have been reported to us. We do not see the problem on the "proper" forum so we spend ages trying to replicate them.

For example, somebody reported that the quick reply box had disappeared. I looked and couldn't see it either. - in any forum. However, it was enabled in the Board Settings. I logged onto the .wonko3 version at the same time using "Editor" and the quick reply box was disabled - as it always had been. I enabled it and suddenly we could see the quick reply box again - on both versions.

I don't know what is going on but there seems to be some sort of crossover going on between the two forum versions. Can you investigate?


myff admin

You are pretty much right in your thinking, this can only happen if people are using the wrong address in the first place, obviously a cyclic element can be involved here.

What I will look at doing is to see if I can strip any such links at the email level.

It would be nice to find a way of nipping it the bud. Unfortunately, it only needs one wazz to logon to the wrong forum for it to go pear-shaped again as other members will click on the link within the thread and get taken to .wonko3-land that way.


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