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"Tv Maniax" - basic information and some updates

So i'll post here with updates now on, lol.

This is basically a place to talk about any show in the world! Past, present or future. Obvious it doesn't actially have a topic / forum for every show which is why we have a "want a show added" section. This is where members ask for a certain show to have its own forum on my forum. If it seems popular among the forum (we start a yes or no poll) we make it. Simple, eh?

There's also talk about every game you can think of. From the old nintendo system (NES) to the newest system to date (PS3)

Penultimately there's a huge portion of the forum dedicated to role-plays which include one-piece, pokemon, and digimon.

Finally there also also competitons including "poster of the month" "graphic of the week" "pointster of the month" and finally "game of the month" where members have a chance for some friendly competiton to win points or sspectial items on any wi-fi game!

Also just to top it all off we now have a wi-fi topic! This has proved extremely popular and within it's first week of opening we have started a pokemon pearl tornament with 8 members playing and a animal crossing wild world best town contest. Currently closed.

Obviously i know my forum can be much, much better and it is no where near the best which is why we need your help! So why not join today?

Any more questions? Feel free to ask here.

To the forum....

[url=]The home page. Yes i know it's not created with myff but i created it all on my own. (ok, thats a lie, Nick (Correct me if it was not you ) gave me the code for the table so he gets some thanks )

Until next time

Wow, i havn't updated this in a loooong time, so here goes  

I've completely changed the layout of the forum, which is pretty much 100% complete now thanks to the help of Nick =]
And so there's even a guests table ^^"

Discuss all TV shows,
And there's currently a fantasy RPG in creation which is taking some time because i have to make the levels, weapons, and the RPG shop

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