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"Post Free Referral Links " Forum Gone

forum suspended, getting new users daily and 1st page google keyphrases, please help
myff admin

That forum is nothing as far as I can see but a bunch of dodgy marketing schemes, it is not a community in line with the terms and conditions.


well I have grown the fourm from the ground up and promoted it for a long time, It is a place where you can post your referral links and is one of the only such sites online. I don't see how I broke any terms. Are you saying that My forum is suspended for good?

I am owner of "Moola Mails" "EarnMoneyOnline2" Forum and also the forum here which is suspended. I think that my forum is a good one with new members signing up daily and people helping each other to gain income.

I am the only forum of its' kind online with site owners from the world over coming to post there new sites. I have spent 1000's of hours promoting and setting links and getting traffic to gain new members. lots of members have found a place to post links, there are section for each type of site. Marketing scemes if any are reserved to the "other sites" catagory.

So whats up? are you guys deleting my forum?
myff admin

I have unsuspended for now.

I will ask the mods and member here to comment.


Doesn't look more than spammers to me.

It certainly isn't a 'community', barring the 20 joke topics with 25 posts.
myff admin

Having given this lots of consideration this clearly is a link farm as barred by the T&C.

Even the area on so called scam sites has posts that are simply links. Hence it is actually working to promote scam sites.

As such the forum is permanently suspended.


what could I do to get it back? I was looking into buying the domain through you guys but am not sure how that would go.

You could pay for a forum export.

A link farm can bar not just a domain but an IP address from Google searches, and since this is on the MYFF servers, it runs the risk of MYFF getting blacklisted on Google.  Of course this is something we really do not want to happen.

It would be best to get the forum exported to your own host, getting a site that can host PHPBB is pretty cheap these days, so that shouldn't be a problem.  But it is likely that you would get removed from most free forum services for the same reasons.  It just is not worth risking an entire business on the goals of a single forum.

is there anyone that could help me? how much would it cost to get this as my own forum? anyone do forum design or know about moving forums and such. I am new to the whole thing really. thanks

Really - I could do it, although the last time I did a job like that was a total of about $250.  Might be much easier to find a phpbb host, do a quick search and you can find a dozen.  Some places have rates down to (or possibly lower than) $5 / month. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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