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"Hidden" Topics

I've tried checking for 'missing' and 'hidden'

In that sub forum in particular and possibly in several other forums (its hard to tell at the moment) we appear to have an invisible 'page' of topics that can't be seen by the members. While it says that it has 3 pages of topics, a fourth page was started recently, and while the topics 'on' that page can still be accessed by direct links, searching for them, or by using the moderate forum panel. As far as we can tell though, the other sup forums in that section don't have this problem yet. We aren't sure whats causing it since putting another newer topic in that section moves things to the invisible page, while moving all of them to a new category apparently didn't fix the problem.

I've attempted going through the CP to find what the problem is, but I generally don't handle this thing on the forums and the two that do are completely stumped.
myff admin

I'd need a solid example of a search that should now a topic which doesn't.

I do apologise Sucal, I mistook your second post for a spammer with the links etc and I banned you and deleted your post. I've unbanned you but can't undelete the post, many apologies.

Ah I see. Nah, the links were just to be efficient and save him the trouble of searching, since they directly linked to topics on the 'invisible' page. Luckily I had most of it in another window while waiting for response. I'll post it below in case its still needed.

If you search for posts by Me/Sucal in that forum (Custom Special Ability) the topics Hemomancer and Flesh is Weak will be visible, that are on the invisible fourth page. Both of those were last posted on the 7th/8th of feb with the latest topic visible being on the 10th.
myff admin

So this is always when searching for posts by a particular author? If so that is a very long standing and rather intractable issue

No, this is the first time that this has happened and has nothing to do with the people involved. There is four pages of topics in that forum, but it only shows three pages of topics. The topics I linked you are from the 'fourth page' whose topics can't be accessed unless you search for them or have a direct link.
myff admin

I mean when you give the author when you are doing a search.

Oh, I don't always give the author when doing a search in a particular sub forum. I've just always found it to be quicker and more efficient then trying to remember the name of a particular topic.

But are you saying the 'page 4 gone' thing is intractable/unstoppable?
myff admin

To be honest that is pretty much what I'm saying, the search system is very dangerous code to mess with.

Oh I'm not responsible for any changes to the search code or anything like that. As far as I know, the search code has been like this for years, and thus shouldn't have anything to do with the recent missing page. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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