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Please ask questions in real English and not "txt". You will get a better response.
Please do not ask support questions via PMs.

My Free Forum
What's new? Announcements!
What is happening in the world of Check here first!
Terms and Conditions
For questions about our terms and conditions and also if you need to report a forum that is breaching the conditions.
Crowd Funding
If you have supported our crowd funding effort then please post your forum link to a new thread here and talk about your forum and your members efforts to help out.
The Graphics Hub
Sets of rank images and a place to make logo requests. There are quite a few people who will help out with logos and sometimes other graphic for the pleasure of helping. But please ask nicely and show you have a forum where it will not go to waste.
Web page/template Editing
Making your web pages look the way you want them to.
Web Template Previews
A forum with one thread per web template, named after the template concerned. Do not post other threads in here.
Portal components
Support for the portal components. If you have a question about the functions of the components rather than the cosmetics of fitting a component into a page, then it really belongs here.
PhpBB2 General Support
Your free forum is based on either phpbb2 or phpbb3. This is the forum for phpbb2 support questions. A phpBb2 forum generally has "Powered by phpBB 2001, 2005 phpBB Group" at the bottom of it.
PhpBB3 General Support
Your free forum is based on either phpbb2 or phpbb3. This is the forum for phpbb3 support questions. A phpbb3 forum generally has "Powered by phpBB 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group " at the bottom of it.
ECommerce support
For support of the SHOP portal when used as a real shop. Please do NOT ask virtual SHOP/CASHMOD questions in this forum.
My Fried Forum
Post here if you have let a rogue admin or moderator wreck your forum, or a weak password has allowed this to happen. You must NOT use the term hacked for this, as your forum has not actually been hacked if this happens!
Forum Discussion
Running your community
How to best "moderate" your forum? How to promote your forum?
Post your forum
Post a link and information about your forum. Please only post your forum once, and only add to the topic if you have a major announcement to make. Forum links must be either myff forum links, or paid for domains. No free domain links are allowed.
Search Engines
Promoting your site with search engines. The ups and downs of Search Engine Optimisation SEO.
Link Exchange
Want to exchange links with other forums, then this is the place to do it. links between forums can help with search engines.
Off Topic
Chat about anything that is not SUPPORT. If you post a support question you will simply be asked to post somewhere else.
The forum owners forum
Discuss with other forum owners here. You will need to email with your forum details to be allowed entry!
Make test postings, here, posts will not add to your post count.
Forum Blogs
If you want to talk about work you are doing on your forum, then post in here.
Wiki Guides
A place where guides and other references works can be developed in a wiki (not yet active)
Best Forum Competitions
Best graphics
Which forum has the slickest graphics, whilst still being decently usable.
Competitions Rules
The competition rules, and general discussion.
Top of the search
Which forum has most successfully promoted itself with search engines like google?
Best niche forum
Which forum has got a great niche market and excels in that niche?
Coolest Style
Which Forum has the best overall style. Looking at all aspects of the style, graphics, addons and general usability.
General chat
Who has got the greatest general chat forum?
Most meaningful forum
Forums can be more than fun, they can be about raising issues, fighting campaign, or providing support for people.
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