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Welcome to the new web page creation suite, available on all myff forums.

These pages are example pages  demonstrating just what can be created using the system.

You will have complete access to edits scores of great default templates to give your pages exactly the look you want.

More than 50 reasons why myff is the best free forums system

  1. The best support forum in the world, well it has to be close. I think the record on the forum was four replies giving someone a solution within a minute of them posting. We may not always match that, but you will not find a faster or more helpful support forum than ours. Thanks to all the people who volenteer their time to make it work!
  2. We run on our own fast multi core servers. Many free forums do not even run their own server(s).
  3. Note that we say servers plural, many free forums system are not scalable across servers, if their operations start to become successful they will suffer severe problems.
  4. 99.9%+ uptime, well thereabouts, we have a solid record over years of our forums having a very high availability.
  5. All forums on RAID5 disks, this means both fast access and forums that are protected against a disk failure. Any server can suffer a hardware failure. A disk on one of our servers went down once, and forums carried on working, with only a short offline time when the disk was replaced. No one lost anything from their forums.
  6. Daily backups, our backup regime is tried and tested. If people have managed to accidentally delete posts from their forum, we have time and time again shown they can be restored from our backup system.
  7. 100's of basic forum styles to choose from with pictorial preview.
  8. Full editing of forum styles to create your own unique forum. As far as we know, no other free forums system offers this.
  9. Web page editing. You can create web pages along side your forum. In fact you are looking at such a page now.
  10. "Portal" components. A unique feature allowing you to add extra (free) components to your forums and web pages, creating web pages that integrate wth your forum.
  11. Improved forum administration panel. Our forums admin panel is quicker and slicker than the normal phpbb2 admin panel. It provides an easier and clearer path for beginners to get their forum up and running, whilst also giving far more options to experienced users.
  12. Comprehensive help pages, some within the administration system, and full documentation on the magnificant  howtodoit  forums contributed by top mod Symon. Not to forget to mention other mods developing other help sites dedicated to parts of the system.
  13. Limited and contextual advertising. Advertising that is far less prominant than most other systems and which you might even want to see.
  14. Honest advertising policy, no suckering people in by not showing adverts for a while until people are stuck with the system. We have shown much the same advertising from the start.
  15. Advert free options. You can pay a reasonable charge and go advert free.
  16. Free forum import, if you can get a forum exported off another system, we will (with a few restrictions) freely import it.
  17. Forum export option. For a reasonable fee you can get an export of your forum so you can move away from myff. Most free forum providers do now allow this. Once they have you, they have you! We have testimonials for our support of customers leaving the system.
  18. Own domain option. You can make your myff forum look like it is running on your own domain name.
  19.  phpbb2 compatability. Despite all the additions that make a myff forum a far better forum than a standard phpbb2 forum, we maintain a very high level of database compatability, this means people genuinely can  move in and out of myff without a problem.
  20. Owner control panel. As owner you have a special control panel that allows among other things for you to reclaim control of your forum if you have lost control to a rogue admin.
  21. html mass email. You can email your users newsletters in html or plain text.
  22.  More than 50 enhancements to phpbb2. This list can easily extend to 50 reasons to choose myff, as we could pad the list out with the additions we have made to the core phpbb2 forums system! But lets just point out a selected few additions.
  23. Gallery system, you can attach files to posts and view a picture gallery.
  24. Anti spam systems.  All forum admins have to deal with some spammers trying to abuse their forums, but we have many measures in place to stop the spammers from managing to post or join your forum. Plus extras to deal with any that do get through.
  25. You can add eXtra Profle (XPROFILE) fields to allow people to say more about themselves in their forum profies. There are options to make the fields visible/edtiable by admins only.
  26. Extra BBcode options, you can use our [video] and [spoiler] tags in posts, [video] can help you easily post media from youtube and others.
  27. Extensive Search Engine Optimization of forums, you want your forum to be found by google, we have given you a head start.
  28. Large gallery of forum smileys and enhanced management to help you set the smileys you want on your forum.
  29. Extensive Avatar galleries for your users to pick an Avatar from.
  30. Clear and understandable terms and conditions, based on common sense without a lot of small print.
  31. You can run as many forums as you like.
  32. No limit on members or posts. You can have a large and active forum as you can succeed in making.
  33. 100's of forum rank image sets to choose from.
  34. Continual active development of the forums. New features have been added at a rate of at least one a week.
  35. Stable forum code, despite the continual development we maintain a number of systems that make our system far more modular and reliable than normal phpbb2 code. Messy hacks will never be installed on myff forums.
  36. No spam emails, your email address will never be passed on, and in two years of operation we still have not sent our members any newslatters at all. We just don't like spam! We do reserve the right to send you a newletter occasionally and have a whole subscription/unsubscription system in place. We have simply chosen not to send any.
  37. "Fair Policy". Sites may be suspended for breaches in our terms and conditions, but there is every chance of getting it back. The process of complaint/suspension and possible return to the system takes place in the open on our support forum.
  38. Long history, well to be fair just short of two years with the fourms at the point of writing, but we have a much longer company history. Look round the web and you will see the corpses of free forums systems everywhere. Most die within months as they are neither competent enough or able to make the investment needed for the long term.
  39. 11 million posts on more than 17,000 real forums demonstrates the capabilities of the myff system.
  40. Active approach to forum security. Our system has never been hacked, we apply rapidly all new phpbb2 security patches and have our own enhanced systems in place.
  41. Choice of myff domain and own subdomain name. You can set up a forum with a name of your cohice on myfreeforum.org, myfastforum.org, myfineforum.org, myfunforum.org or myfanforum.org.
  42. A great community, with many forums on the community like cgarts.myfreeforum.org set up by members to provide help to the community.
  43. Full admin powers both to manage and run your forum, we will not micromanage you and we defend our forums from threats by people who don't like what the forum does. Stick within our terms and conditions and do nothing illegal and you will not find it gone the second someone threatens us. We have had many forums created by action groups that have had threats of legal action against us if we do not remove them. All threatened forums are still up and running.
  44. Servers are housed in a secure datacenter with some of the best network connectivity in the world.
  45. Servers are all new Dell poweredge servers, with gold standard engineering call out in the unlikely event of a problem.
  46. We pay for top line server support within the datacenter. We know a lot about servers ourselves, but it never harms to have people who deal strictly with server issues across thousands of servers on tap to help if an issue arises. Basically we do not make false economies with your service. We pay a lot of money to keep the systems in top shape.
  47. Nothing to download to your PC, and no malware, spyware, popups, popunders. A clean honest service.
  48. No contract to sign, set up in seconds, come and go as you please.
  49. No special treatment. The support forum, advert free forums, own domain forums and the sites set up to show help on the system are all running exactly the same features you will get for free.
  50. Behind the scenes comprensive forums management system. When you set up any free forum there is some code behind doing this. Most free forums systems will be running a crude off the shelf package that they don't even really understand. Our system managing tens of thousands of forums across multiple domains and servers and is written entirely by us.
  51. Forum statistics graphs, track how well your forum is doing.
  52. Meta directory of forums, your active forum will get a listing on all the myff forum domains.
  53. Forums are fast, it does not matter that much if you run on big servers or small servers, what matter more is whether you overload the servers. We do not, and as we control all that is on our servers as we own our own servers, we can pretty much guarentee that things will stay fast.
  54. Web 2.0 technology. We are already using in a few places more advanced web technology than the next generation of phpbb2 will offer. We plan to extend this to give you a faster more interactive forums experience than you will get elsewhere.
  55. Buckets ot testimonials from customers on our web sites and support forums. Read the support forums and you will see the level of customer satisfaction. You won't find a policy of deleting complaints on our forums, basically we don't get any rational complaints! If someone has an issue they are free to raise it.
  56. Caching technology. Caches keep pages pre-generated and ready to be served. We use a number of caching techniques not used on a standard phpbb2 forum to make our forums work faster.
  57. A system designed by poeple who have run successful forums as a forum admin, with a support forum using the same free forums system. We know what is really good for forums as we run popular forums, and we use our own system to do it. We have seen some free forums where the support forum is a totally different forums system to the one they supply!
  58. A system designed to keep you up and running. A forum admin does have scope in phpbb2 to do things that break their own forums. We plug many of those holes, and provide recovery systems to allow you to rescue your own forum if you do manage to break things.